Summer + SAT Prep = Success

Summer + SAT Prep = Success

Summer break is an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for the SAT. With no schoolwork to worry about, students have the time and freedom to focus on SAT prep. Here are five reasons why summer is the best time to prepare for the SAT.

Focus on SAT Prep

During the school year, students juggle homework, projects, exams, and extracurricular activities, leaving little time for SAT prep.  Summer grants students uninterrupted time to immerse in focused study without any exams or assignments to worry about. Students can devote this time to SAT prep without distractions, setting up a clear path towards SAT success.

Build Skills and Confidence

The SAT is not just a test of knowledge but also a test of skills. Building confidence and expertise on the SAT requires consistent practice. During the school year, it can be challenging to find time to practice regularly. However, during the summer, students have more time to practice and can commit to a regular study schedule. This will allow them to build their skills and confidence in preparation for the exam by establishing a study routine, engaging in targeted practice, and allow time to take SAT practice tests.

Access the Best Tools

During the summer, there is an abundance of resources available for SAT prep. Many online tutoring services and SAT prep courses offer summer discounts and packages. Additionally, public libraries often offer free access to SAT prep materials and practice tests. For an exceptional summer SAT prep program, featuring experienced tutors who will guide students towards success, consider the American Heritage Schools SAT Essentials course available in-person and online. Students can take advantage of these resources and gain a competitive edge in their SAT prep.

Perform at Your Best

Stress and anxiety can have a significant impact on a student's performance on the SAT. During the school year, students may feel overwhelmed by the demands of school and their social lives, leading to increased stress levels. However, during the summer, students can take a step back, relax, and focus on SAT practice without the added pressure of schoolwork. Reduced stress levels allow for enhanced concentration, clarity, and performance during the exam. Students can use this time to cultivate a balanced lifestyle, incorporate relaxation techniques and self-care to optimize their SAT preparation.

A Second Shot at Success

The summer offers students the opportunity to retake the SAT if they did not achieve their desired score during the school year. Rising seniors seeking college admissions can benefit immensely from a summer retake. Students can review the foundational concepts by enrolling in the SAT Essentials course offered by the Summer Institute of American Heritage Schools. By retaking the exam during the summer, students can give themselves more time to improve their scores and increase their chances of getting into their dream schools.


In conclusion, the summer season is the best time for students to prepare for the SAT. Students who take advantage of this time will be better prepared for the exam and have a greater chance of achieving their desired score. With no schoolwork to worry about, more time for practice, accessible resources, reduced stress levels, and time to retake the exam, students have everything they need to excel on the SAT. 


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