From our founding year in 1965, American Heritage has grown to become the top private school in the nation for academic excellence. Long known for its academic excellence, American Heritage has been the leader in innovative education for over 55 years.

The American Heritage Summer Institute is a summer educational program that offers over 120 enrichment and reinforcement courses, specifically designed with student interest and engagement in mind, to students from PK3 through 12th grade. American Heritage Schools' course offerings are often viewed as the gold standard in college-preparatory education and the Summer Institute continues that standard. High school course offerings include advanced test prep, honors and AP level research work, as well as our unique pre-professional programs for those interested in future careers in medicine, law, or business entrepreneurship.

The Summer Institute also offers a wide variety of enrichment and reinforcement programs for Junior High (grades 6-8) and Lower School (Pre-K 3 to 5th grade) students as well as 1-on-1 tutoring options for those looking to enhance their skills and build confidence as we head into the new school year. The American Heritage Summer Institute features top-notch instructors, all of whom are degreed and certified professionals in their fields.

American Heritage Schools’ summer camp programs are designed for children ages 3-13. In addition to Day Camp, specialty camps vary by campus, and include Robotics, Art, Science, Musical Theatre, Video Production and Sports camps. Each camper enjoys age-appropriate activities supervised by American Heritage Schools’ highly qualified staff. Cabins for ages 3-5 are co-ed, while ages 6-13 have separate cabins for boys and girls. All cabins, which are classrooms during the school year, are air conditioned and campers take pride in decorating them to reflect the cabin's theme. To expand the number of recreational activities available to campers ages 8-13, age-appropriate field trips are scheduled. All field trips are supervised by Off-Campus Directors as well as an appropriate number of counselors. Prior to starting camp, campers will receive a schedule of activities.

"Your goals may seem distant, but direction is only one click away: American Heritage Summer, Day Camps & Summer Education"

Our Mission

American Heritage Schools seek to develop the full potential of each child to be an active,
intelligent, creative, and contributing member of society through the embodiment of
knowledge, integrity and compassion.


We provide a curriculum that
develops and enhances students’ strengths and passions and
leads them to reach their academic goals.


Faculty, staff, and students all engage in
behaviors that reflect honesty and strong moral
principles in every aspect of life.


Our commitment to fostering compassion is demonstrated
through a myriad of community involvement and
service activities that better our campuses and the world.

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Our Foundation

William R. Laurie


Dr. Douglas Laurie


Leslie Wood

Vice President

"Your goals may seem distant, but direction is only one click away: American Heritage Summer, Day Camps & Summer Education."