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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Honors

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Honors

Grades 9 & up

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Course Description+

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Honors will introduce students to the exciting world of creating and owning a business. Students will identify common traits and skills found in entrepreneurs, explore business opportunities, and compare the risks and rewards of owning a business. The primary focus of the course is to help students understand the process of analyzing a business opportunity, determine feasibility of an idea utilizing research, develop a plan to organize and promote the business and its products/services, and understand the financial components of a business relating to required capital, return on investment, and profit.

Honors level classes can expect more rigorous requirements for assignments and assessments.

Prerequisite: Previous honors level coursework.

This 3-week semester course is offered for first time credit, for credit grade replacement, or for non-credit enrichment in preparation for taking the course in the future. Please check with your school regarding credit from outside institutions.

Session dates:
Session 1A: 6/10/24 - 6/28/24 (8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.) (EST) - 0.50 credit

3 weeks course

For 0.50 credit or audit the student should only take one session in one specified 3-week time period

Meet Brian Tuffin+

Brian began his career at Procter & Gamble in 1988 and advanced through several sales and marketing positions as he elevated through the consumer product giant, then moving onto PepsiCo, Kraft and SC Johnson over the next two decades. He has worked around the world helping build global capabilities and served as President of the Canadian Company for SC Johnson before completing his first acquisition of a medical device company, Integral Orthopedics in Early 2005. As CEO, Brian has expanded domestic and overseas operations and led over $50,000,000 in business capitalization efforts. In 2011 Brian became CEO of Fuse Science, a biotech company with new capabilities in transdermal and sublingual delivery technology. Throughout his career Brian has been a strategic investor in businesses and an operating board member in various medical & consumer products companies. Brian has a Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University where he also played football and ice hockey, and he is a proud alumnus of Harvard Business School.

Meet Paul Shaffer+

Paul Shaffer worked for 41 years in law enforcement and county government. He is a retired Deputy Chief from Coral Springs Police Department where he served for 22 years. He managed the Broward County West Satellite Court Services for two years. He spent 13 years at Lauderhill Police Department where he retired as a Captain. His specialty was budget analysis, organizational management, and project coordination. Paul holds a Bachelor's degree in Law Enforcement Management through Union Institute and University in Cincinnati. He also attended the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville where he studied Police Management. He has owned his own training and consulting business since 1995 and has taught police, government administrations, and school districts throughout the United States. Since retiring from active duty police work in 2012, Paul has been teaching at American Heritage. He currently teaches American History and American Government. He helped develop and teach Entrepreneurship during summer sessions.

Additional Course Information+

A class may be canceled if fewer than 6 students enroll, and a specific teacher is not guaranteed. It is the parents’ responsibility to check with their child's school when seeking credit for a course. For online courses, the students’ cameras MUST be turned on at all times, and attendance is mandatory. To protect the privacy rights of all, there is absolutely no videotaping or recording by students during the course. Students must be age appropriate for the course, and all students must adhere to proper online etiquette. For online courses, young children must be supervised by a parent at all times.

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