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Martial Arts Camp (Broward Campus Only)

Martial Arts Camp (Broward Campus Only)

Grades K - 6

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American Heritage Martial Arts camp works with campers in building confidence, connecting mind and body, having fun, and learning movements that can stay with you for a lifetime is what martial arts is about. Welcome to American Heritage Martial Arts Camp. For over 30 years Debi D’Amato has been teaching martial arts at American Heritage Schools. Now her students have become a part of her instructional program and are ready to give your camper an incredible and exciting look into the fascinating world of martial arts. Campers will enjoy fun-filled days mastering the skills of nunchakus, learning detailed choreographed patterns of katas, studying different types of martial arts throughout the world, working with focus targets, and training on freestyle bags. They will swim, run outside, and be active. Campers who sign up for at least 3 consecutive weeks will have a belt ceremony. Campers will be a part of demonstrations, have fun noncontact competitions, and learn amazing skills that they will take with them. This program is going to give your camper an opportunity to experience the traditional world of ancient martial arts through a modern and fun teaching style.

Meet Mrs. Debi D'Amato+

Debi D’Amato has been teaching martial arts for over 31 years at American Heritage Schools. Teaching martial arts has been one of the greatest joys of her life because she believes working with children is a rewarding, valuable, and life-changing experience. She has been very fortunate to have the amazing opportunity to watch so many of her students grow into successful, caring individuals, some of whom now even have children of their own. As a dedicated black belt, she has spent the last 31 years designing a program to teach children about kid safety, respect, and discipline in an environment filled with exercise and fun. She is beyond excited to have her martial arts program be a part of the American Heritage Schools Summer Camp Programs. 

Meet Ms. Kaitlen Annett+

Kaitlen Annett has over 25 years of martial arts experience. Her journey began when she was in first grade at American Heritage Schools with Mrs. Debi. Mrs. Debi introduced her to Karate and taught her invaluable lessons about the sport and life. She is proud to say that she became the very first Black Belt at American Heritage Schools. Martial arts gave her an opportunity to work on her mind and body together which became a very important part of who she is today. She is excited to be a part of this American Heritage Schools Summer Martial Arts Program.

Additional Course Information+

Camper groupings vary by program. Day Camp programs will be grouped by age/grade/gender, Specialty Programs are grouped together by age, interest, and/ or skill level. Programs are not guaranteed and require a minimum enrollment. Campers are supervised at all times by our energetic and fully-trained staff. Our counselors are carefully selected based on experience, character, and leadership. Every staff member is background checked, as we continue to maintain the highest level of safety and security on campus. At American Heritage Day Camp we do our very best to make sure our staff is placed with the appropriate age group to ensure a successful and fun summer. A well-balanced lunch and healthy snacks are provided in all full-day programs. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us.

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